PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd

 “Good Quality, Competitive Price and Fast Service”

In the era of ongoing competitive development in printing and packaging industry, only few manufacturers make it to the top. Presently, the so-called “sticker” industry (Pressure-sensitive adhesive or self-adhesive label materials) has gained more demands, evidently seen by a growing need in daily use products. PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd. has been in business since 2004. Our quality and expertise are trusted, making our sales volume being on the top four of the domestic market.

To compete in such thriving and innovative markets, we thus provide high quality self-adhesive labels used in food and beverage, airliners and electronic industry. Our effort and expertise are dedicated to creating advisably excellent products for the customers.

Company Profile

In the late 1980s, there were tremendous demands on the print industry to improve its technology and to meet its affluent market conditions. With good foresight, Mr. Tan Yong Heng started Paper Multi Coatings (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Foreseeing Thailand’s potentials, Mr. Tan decided to invest in the label materials industry and established PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd in 2004.   Since March 2005, the company has provided global standards self-adhesive labels making it an international player in the market.

Since its establishment in 1992, Paper Multi Coatings (S) Pte Ltd has been a dominant competitor in the paper coatings industry. To ensure the production of quality products and provision of excellent service to its customers, the company invested in the latest fully automatic machines that can produce high quality coatings.   After more than a decade of business and expertise, with a highly trained and dedicated workforce, we have strongly established itself to be the leader in the paper coatings industry in Singapore.

In 2004, after careful consideration and survey, Mr. Tan decided to diversify and expand the business. Seeing a strong demand and potential for self-adhesive label materials, he built a manufacturing plant in the hub of the prestigious printing city in Thailand - The Sinsakhon Printing City.   The company and its professional workforce are dedicated to providing high-tech and high-end products that will be of value to their customers.

PMC Label Materials strongly believe that these latest machineries will increase quality and productivity. Accompanied by its highly skilled workforce, the company will strive to fulfill the needs and demands of its customers in an increasingly competitive business environment.