About Us
Our Story

Determined to provide the best value proposition, we set out on a journey to fulfil that purpose. For almost two decades, it has been our goal at PMC to offer the finest labelling solutions and to put our expertise to good use. 


Our extensive product portfolio has enabled us to cater to a vast array of segments, such as Automotive, Food & Beverage, Home & Personal care, Logistics, Promotional Arts, Industrial applications, etc.


We are proud to be a part of the success of our partners and clients around the globe. Our accomplishment is the driving force that empowers us to continue pushing for new innovations and better ways to improve our services. We will never stop because we want to help you succeed. 

Our Vision towards a Greener Future
We firmly believe that we can make a difference. It is our vision at PMC to become ASEAN’s leading company in sustainable self-adhesive products and technology, so that we can contribute towards a greener future for our world.
Our Mission towards Sustainable Growth
Far Reaching
via ASEAN focused expansions
green technology offerings
lucrative business opportunities through lasting partnerships and fruitful M&A’s
one stop solution provider
Our Continuous Efforts to Make a Difference
In today’s ever changing business landscape, we want to make sure that every action we take contributes to a positive outcome for our clients, community and environment. For that reason, we do not hold back when it comes to reshaping our supply chain, as well as optimising our internal operations to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.
    • Continuous efforts in finding greener and more sustainable materials
    • Sourcing FSCTM certified paper raw materials
    • Reaping benefits from solar energy
    • Promoting recyclable label series to facilitate circular economy
    • Substituting petroleum based plastic with sustainable alternatives
From here onwards, we will continue to strive towards the future of success and sustainability.

License Code No. FSC-C162914
Your Success is Our Highest Priority
Our work philosophy at PMC is simple. We never stop because we understand the ever growing demand and heightening degree of competition in the market. Since day one, we have committed ourselves to keep pushing the bounds of our product offering and our ability to deliver the best service to you.
We aim for incredible customer satisfaction because being a contributor to your success is the heart of our business. Sometimes it takes two to come up with a great idea, so let us help you find a fitting solution to get the best out of your venture. Our team of veterans in the field is ready to assist you and your business.