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Privacy Policy for the Use of CCTV

PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd.


          This privacy policy (‘Policy’) will explain about the use of CCTV device (‘CCTV’) that  PMC Label Meterials  Co. Ltd. (which hereafter is called ‘Company’, ‘We’, or ‘Our’) uses CCTV together with systems for examining inside the particular area. Including, the surrounding areas of places, buildings, and any other areas in order to protect the lives, sanitation, and properties. By having the personal information of employees, company’s committees, business partners, work operators, visitors for contact, or any other persons (which all are called ‘You’, or ‘Your’) who access into the examined area compound inside the building and any other stated areas. Apart from this, this policy also explains about the methods used in collecting, using, disclosing, and sending or transferring information about person which enable to identify that person (‘Personal Data’) of you. And, this policy identifies our process in management or the use of CCTV system. In order that, we may have the additional adjustment on this policy at any time and will inform you about the stated adjustment as far as possible. 


1. Types of Personal Data that We Collect

We will collect the motion or slide which can recognize that it is you, your voice, including your properties. Such as vehicle when you access to the examined area inside the place, building, and any of our areas through the CCTV system and device (‘information from CCTV’).


2. Reasons Why we Collect, Use, or Disclose your Personal Data

2.1.1 To protect life, body, personal sanitation, and / or your personal properties.

2.1.2 To control the access into the building and for the security of building, personnel, employees, and visitors for contact, including our properties and information which are located or kept in that places. 

2.1.3 To protect / prevent our place, building, areas and properties from the damages, disruption, destruction, and other crimes. 

2.1.4 To assist in problem solving for dispute occurs during the disciplinary penalty efficiently or in consideration for complaints.

2.1.5 To assist in the investigation or the operation about complaints, and the notice of clue. 

2.1.6 To bring for the use in proofing or confuting in the civil prosecution. Which includes but is not specific only the prosecution of labor litigation. 

2.1.7 To our compliance with law and / or the cooperation with the court, governance agency, government agency, and the agency who has the legal authority in order to use the authority according to the law. Which includes but is not specific only the safety, occupational health, and working environment. We foresee that using the CCTV system is the necessary measure for us to be able to perform those duties.

2.1.8 To use our rights or protect our legitimate benefits in case of necessity to do so in order to restrain, prevent, and detect the improper behavior, crime, or violation of law. Follow up on the incidents to prevent and report the improper behavior or crime in our stores and to protect the safety and stability in our business. We will put effort continually to create the balance between our legitimate benefits and the third party’s benefits and your primary rights and liberty about the protection of information in the CCTV system which is related to you, depends on each case. We will try to identify the necessary procedures in order to create the appropriate balance.

2.2 We will install the CCTV device at our critical areas inside the place, building, and other areas. Except some areas such as, changing room, toilet, and bathroom.  

2.3 Our CCTV system is opened for 24 hours by having our security guards monitor through the device. Except, in case that the device / system has failure and / or needs the repair and maintenance. 

2.4 We will arrange the appropriate signboard in the place where uses CCTV system. 


3. Persons Who May Receive Your Disclosed Personal Data

3.1 We will keep the personal data related to you in the CCTV system confidential and will disclose or transfer the stated personal data only to our subsidiary companies, affiliated companies, other outsiders who will be selected carefully at this time or in the future, authorized persons, alliance and joint ventures and / or service providers (who may located abroad) in order to achieve the examination objectives by CCTV according to that are identified in this policy.   

3.2 Outsiders whom we may disclose the information from CCTV system and other personal data related to you. Which also includes the disclosure to our affiliated companies, (it is a part of our legitimate benefits and the benefits of our affiliated companies in order to achieve the examination objectives by CCTV). Government sector and / or the governance organization (in order to perform the duty according to the law or to support or assist the law enforcement organization in investigation and civil or criminal prosecution). And, the third service provider (according to our necessary procedure in order to ensure that we will provide you the protection for your personal health, safety, and properties). However, the access to the information on CCTV system may be the access or disclosure as far as necessary to manage the incidents occur under one of objectives identified in this item 3.2. Or, to respond to the person’s request according to the law under item 2.1.  


4. Sending or Transfer of Your Personal Data Abroad

We may disclose or transfer your personal data from the CCTV system (which is a part of the necessary procedures for your personal health, safety, and properties) to the third service provider who locates outside Thailand. And, the stated disclosure or transfer will be done only when we receive consent from you or there is the other lawful basis which enforces to comply with the permission, (such as to comply with the regulations of agreement between us and other person for your benefits). By the stated destination country may or may not have the personal data protection measure similar to Thailand’s. However, we will ensure that the transfer of your personal data is performed and comply with the Personal Data Protection Law prior to the transfer of that personal data.


5. Security Measure

5.1 We will arrange to have the technical system and the appropriate management for security measure to protect information from the CCTV system and the personal information that is related to you from the elimination, loss, access, use, modification, or disclosure without intention, illegally, or without permission.    

5.2 We will review and improve our security measure occasionally according to the necessity or when there is the development of related technology. This is in order to ensure that the security measure has the efficiency and the appropriateness conform to the primary regulations of law, according to the regulations of the related government agencies. 


6. Personal Data Retention Period

We will keep your personal data received from the CCTV system into our system by the time period necessary for the examination objectives by CCTV. If we no longer receive the legal permission enforcing in keeping your personal data from CCTV, we will delete that information from our system and record. However, we may keep your persona data from the CCTV system in a longer time period. For examples, we will keep it until the end of prosecution or there are the regulations of law which stipulate the longer time period in keeping information. Or, there is some CCTV system information that has to be kept for the operation to some incidents. Or, to respond to the request from either person in using legal rights. 


7. Yours Rights for Your Personal Data

Underneath the legislation of law and the exceptions according to the related laws, you may have rights to request to access and / or receive copy, transfer, modify, delete, eliminate, or make the information unable to identify the form in some types of personal data that we have. Rights to suspend and / or oppose some types of activity that we have and use your personal data. In case any of our operations is taken under your consent, you may revoke your consent but it may be the cause that make us unable to provide service to you completely. You may have right to request us to reveal how we receive your personal data without your consent. Moreover, you may notice the complaints to the law enforcement agencies.


8. Contact Details

If you have any question or enquiry, or would like to use your rights about the CCTV system information, please contact us at


Personal Data Controller Details

PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: 30/28 M.2 T.Khokkham A.Muang Samutsakorn 74000, Thailand

Phone no.:  099 055 2515



This privacy policy for the use of CCTV camera is effective on June 15, 2022


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